Jul 25, 2009

i miss you. even if you don't hear or remember anymore...

i just don't want you to hate me for what i've become.

im so tired..

Jul 19, 2009

im so fucking tired. and i haven't even done anything remotely productive in weeks...

still no job. haven't done any artwork. and in a really terrible fucking mood.

at least i have carroll to look forward to.


life is worth living. i swear.

Jul 5, 2009


we might get her.
that was the final bitch fit.

i've had enough of this shit for the last time.

im going to be happy. and im going to enjoy myself. even if it kills me.

fucking there. motherfucker.
im deteriorating. this is not fun.

my mind is in a constant state of confusion.

i want to be intelligent but im still doing this stupid shit.

i want to feel like im getting somewhere but in the back of my head i feel like im ignoring whats important.

if it really is important or just infatuation i don't know.

im so fucking furious at my stupidity. 

i want to punch myself in the head until my fist goes through it.



Jul 4, 2009

i want to kill something very badly.
its a tug-o-war between good and evil, except for me its between manic depression and apathetic cynicism.

i wonder if i should stop trying to find the good person that i used to be, maybe he was never really there. maybe im just a good actor. well fuck me sideways.

happy sparkely shit day.
you're tired. go to bed.

and don't listen to your heart.


i had spaghetti for dinner.

i realized how much i fucking love spaghetti.

if spaghetti were a women we would have a noodle wedding and make meatball children that i'd eat.

its only half cannibalism.

.... 0_0

Jul 2, 2009

i just took a 20 minute jog and i feel like my legs are going to break in half.


today's gonna suck.


i really wish this would stop bothering me.

so i can get some sleep.

then dream about it...

.... what a dick.


i kinda want my brain to start working again....

so i can be interesting for more than 2 minutes.

Jul 1, 2009

fuckin shit.