Apr 24, 2009

if you live with hope, you're dancing to a terrible tune.

well now that i can confirm that i have officially gone insane, my mind feels a little clearer and i feel like i can confidently make up a coherent sentence. unfortunately, im staying at school this weekend again. besides all the make-up work i need to start nonetheless remember, i needed to stay because i was supposed to go see a play on the other campus because i need to write a play-review for my english final. however, god or whoever's in charge of existance decided to take a shit on me and when i went to go catch the bus, i discovered that the shuttle stopped operating a couple hours before. therefore, i had no way of getting to the other campus because there were no buses and i don't have a car. so i missed the play. Now i knew that they were showing the play earlier for the last couple days but i couldn't go because i had night classes on those days. so i thought that i could just catch the friday show without missing any classes. however that didn't turn out to be case and i now find myself completely fucked over, which seems to be a re-ocurring theme in my life. its things like these that give me the urge to just throw myself against a wall until my body gets numb enough so that i can't get up anymore...

well i can say that was a fairly positive post.

heres a drawing i did last night.


i have also determined that i am in love with tom waits. 
blood money is hot sex to me.

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