May 7, 2009

here at the end of all things.

well, its good to be back home, i guess. im actually starting to feel a little better now. who knew not having a decent meal in weeks could do so much to you. still trying to work out my sleeping habits though. i went to bed at 5 last night... so all and all, im doing fine. it still feels so surreal to be out of stevenson. its hard to describe. its like i got so used to the monotony of getting up everyday, getting on the shuttle, and then going back and forth between classes and just feeling so mechanical and soulless. i guess after waiting for so long, i just gave up and turned my mind off cause i didn't see any end in sight. and when it did end, i was kinda shocked cause i wasn't expecting it. im not sure if i want to say much more than that. but i'll say im glad its finally over. i feel like i can put that time behind me now and just try to move on to better things. although not everything from stevenson was bad. i did get to meet some cool people who did care and helped me out a bunch. i just want to say thanks to all the friends that i made in class and to all the roommates that came and went for making this year a little bit more bearable for me. and thanks to the people who tolerated my constant brooding and complaining but were still nice to me even though i didn't deserve your kindness. good luck next year and maybe i'll see some of you again along the line. even though most of the year was pretty painful, i felt that i did grow up a little, whether becoming disillusioned and coming to realize the grim reality of the world is a sign of growing up or not. can't say i'd do it again though :P so.. on a different note, i need to wait for final grades to come out so i can send them to towson. i really hope i get in this time. also need a job. i hate being financially dependent. other than that, i got no plans for the summer. hit me up?

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